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q-Tip from TechNEWS!

Did you ever wonder how the "Ask the Audience" section of "Who wants to be a Millionaire" provided instant feedback and 100% involvement? Welcome to the exciting concept of CPS - Classroom Performance System!

Imagine questions, quizzes or tests being generated by the teacher and, using a data projector, the images are screened to the class immediately! Every pupil, not just the confident ones, can then enter their choice of answer via a simple IR remote control "pad" actively engaging them in the lesson.

This weeks q:Tip details the CPS advantages now available at MCC.  Go to TechNEWS: and click on this week's q-Tip headline.  Don't miss the technical Brown Bag today at Noon in 11-109 for fun hands-on instructions and a demo! 

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Educational Technology Services