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MCC Librarians Present at SUNYLA Annual Conference

Michelle Beechey, Katie Ghidiu, Andrea Kingston, Anjali Paranis-Samar, and Alice Wilson presented at SUNYLA 2020 The Heart of the Campus: Accessible, Inclusive, & Inspiring Libraries. This annual conference for SUNY Librarians was held virtually last week, with over 500 attendees. Sessions led by MCC librarians are listed below.


Cultivating Collaborative Global Learning in the Library: The UN Sustainable Development Goals in 17 Study Rooms

Andrea Kingston

During last year's International Education Week (IEW), the SUNY COIL Center and some SUNY schools joined the global discussion on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by participating in the Brookings Institution and Rockefeller Foundation's "17 Rooms" initiative. To continue the initiative at Monroe Community College, the LeRoy V. Good Library offered students an opportunity to transform 17 library study rooms into sources of information and inspiration for other students, as well as faculty and staff. With few preset parameters, students were invited to use their creativity to offer information and a call for action. The resulting self-guided tour of the 17 SDGs will be featured in MCC's IEW activities in November. Collaborative and global learning are both designated as high-impact educational practices by the Association of American Colleges & Universities. This lightning talk will provide an overview of the project and tips for librarians interested in doing something like it on their campuses.


Does OER Make Your Heart Race?

Michelle Beechey & Laura Harris (SUNY Oswego)

On many college campuses, advocating for and supporting OER initiatives is a one person job...but it doesn't have to be. As the role of liaison librarians continues to adapt and evolve, we propose that liaison librarians need a basic understanding of OER and the ways it can support faculty and students. In this presentation, OER leaders from a two year and a four-year institution will detail the competencies and resources librarians need to collaborate with faculty in developing and sustaining a strong OER program on their campus. We expect that these resources, one of which is an "OER Toolkit for Librarians" developed as a capstone project for the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program, will calm your OER anxiety!


Reflective Practice Groups: A Tool for Building Professional Learning Communities

Anjali Parasnis-Samar & Alice Wilson

Reflective Practice Groups are a professional development model designed to improve student learning by engaging educators in structured conversations that prompt ongoing reflection and development. We will discuss how reflective practice groups have connected us with colleagues across our institution, improved our teaching and professional practice, and facilitated conversations around equity and inclusion. We will describe how a reflective practice group works and discuss the steps to starting a reflective practice group at your institution.


Supporting Our Student-Parents in the Library

Andrea Kingston and Katie Ghidiu

A significant number of SUNY students are parents, particularly at our community colleges. How are we meeting the unique needs of these student-parents in our libraries, and what can we do to improve this support? We'll start off this session with an overview of student-parent support initiatives at the Monroe Community College Libraries, and the rest of the session will be devoted to a group discussion, with the goal of generating ideas and zeroing in on best practices.

Katherine Ghidiu