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Renovation of the Building 9 General Classrooms - Open Meeting

The Faculty Senate Ad-Hoc Classroom Committee will hold an open meeting at College Hour on Wednesday, April 15 in room 9-104. The committee has been charged with representing the faculty in the planning process for the renovation of the Building 9 general classrooms and its involvement in that planning process is about to begin. The purpose of Wednesday’s open meeting is to gather faculty input regarding an important part of the planning process - the proposed relocation of the instructor stations to the corners of the classrooms. Room 9-104 (a nursing lab in the new Wolk Center) was selected as the meeting location in order for faculty to observe a corner instructor station first hand. Laurel Sanger, Chairperson of the Nursing Department, will demonstrate how a corner instructor station is used by her faculty.

Watch for the announcement of another open meeting in early May that is intended to both outline the entire general classroom renovation project and to seek faculty input. As the renovation plans evolve the committee will hold other open meetings to help keep faculty both informed and involved.

Ed Martin
Engineering Science and Physics