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AAWCC Go Red Wellness Week Tip #5

This is the day to take a walk or a stroll. A brisk pace wouldn’t hurt, either.  It’s the day to take the long way around or maybe just the stairs.  Because for each hour of regular, vigorous exercise, you could gain two hours of life expectancy.  This is the day to get fit.  Visit or call 1-888-AHA-2222

American Heart Association: Learn and Live

AAWCC at MCC Healthy Tip: Join us TODAY at the AAWCC Stress Relief Retreat and Wellness Fair in the Gillman Lounge from 1:30pm – 3:30pm featuring the following stress relief and healthy measures:

     *Labyrinth demonstration, Karen Cardillo
     *Women’s Wellness Seminar (March 8, 2008) Information Table, Melany Silas
     *Herbal Tea and Aromatherapy Experience
     *Eat Well Live Well Challenge at MCC Information
     *Back Health and Office Ergonomics Information Session, Joanna Tsai
     *Maps and demonstration of the 2 mile MCC Indoor Stretch developed by Brighton Campus walkers
     *Additional Wellness Information will be available

It is your last chance to donate to the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) Go Red Campaign to support the American Heart Association. Please stop by the wellness fair to pledge your support today.

Stop by The Stress Relief Retreat and Wellness Fair and sign up for your chance at the AAWCC at MCC membership raffle, we hope to see you there!


Anne J. Perry
AAWCC Publicity Chair