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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are posted for the period March 6 through March 19 for your review. You can view them by clicking on

PR3     Nursing AAS
CR1     HIM 204 Health Records in Alternate Care
CR2     HIM 111 CPT Procedural Coding System
CR3     HIM 110 ICD-9-CM Diagnostic & Procedural Classifications
CR4     HIM 205 Directed Practice I
CR9     HIM 213 Health Information Systems
CR12    HIM 260 Advanced Classification in Acute Care
CR13    HIM 261 Advanced Classification for Reimbursement in Acute Care
CR14    HIM 262 Case-Mix Management in Acute Care
CR16    HIM 276 Professional Readiness for the Medical Transcriptionist
CR17    HIM 278 Advanced Medical Transcription
NC2     OFT 121 Introduction to Keyboarding

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