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Call for Keys!!

The Public Safety Department is continuing to update records and we would like the college community to check their key rings and desk drawers and any place else they might have put college keys for the ones no longer needed.

College keys have the word BEST on the back of the them. If you have any keys you no longer use, we ask that you put them in a sealed envelope with your name, department, and all the key numbers written on the envelope and turn them in to the Public Safety Office -Sciences, Bldg 7 room 341.

This should also remind you if you are teaching a class you are entitled to have a classroom key issued to you. We keep classrooms locked if there is any equipment stored inside the room. You may do that by submitting a key request form that is attached. We don't need any other signatures except your own when requesting a classroom key.

If you have any questions email <>. Have a great summer!

Leah Dyer
Public Safety

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