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Veterans' Faculty Mentor Program Name Change and Call for Mentors

In order to provide an increasingly Veteran-friendly environment for the hundreds of MCC students who are serving/who have served in the military (active duty, reserve or Guard), the Veterans’ Faculty Mentor Program was launched formally Fall 2011 to provide a way for students to negotiate the demands and dynamics of civilian university-level study in the hope this would increase their completion, transferability and (ultimately) professional success.

By the end of fall semester, the VFM Program had 15 Mentors and over 40 Mentees, and had begun enrolling military spouses and dependents, as well.

To better reflect the work done and students served, the program has now changed its name to the Military Mentoring Program.

For Spring semester, we have already enrolled 8 new Mentees, and are looking for more Faculty members to serve as Mentors. There is particular demand in the Criminal Justice, Business, Science, Engineering and Nursing/Health Profession disciplines.

Eligible Faculty from all campuses are encouraged to apply!

MMP Mentors will:

•           Serve as a consistent point of contact at MCC

•           Serve as a general sounding board and guide

•           Help students establish realistic expectations of professors, professional staff and peers

•           Clarify academic standards and expectations

•           Refer students to the necessary college or community resources if/as circumstances arise

Interested Faculty should see attached documents for clarification of eligibility requirements and application process.  If you have any questions, please contact the MMP Facilitator: Prof. Heather Williams "".

Heather Williams
English and Philosophy


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