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AAWCC Spring 2010 Clothing Drive Almost Fills VOA Truck!

The AAWCC-MCC Chapter Service Committee gratefully acknowledges the MCC community and the volunteers noted below for their assistance in making the AAWCC Spring 2010 Clothing Drive a huge success!

We collected five times more donations than was collected during the fall 2009 clothing drive. In fact, the Volunteers of America truck was three-quarters full of donations from MCC employees when it pulled away from the MCC Building 3 loading dock!  It was your generous support that made the clothing drive so successful.  Thank you!

In addition to the many clothing donations we received, the employees listed below volunteered their time and energy to help make the AAWCC Spring Clothing drive a success: 

Joe Angora, Facilities
Lisa Armstrong, MCC Student
Kathy Baxter, Career Center
Courtney Belluccio, Campus Events
Stuart Blacklaw, Curriculum & Program Development
Lauren Cherry, Building Services
Rosanna Condello, College and Community Relations
Ray Dawley, Facilities
Julianna Frisch, Campus Events
Tokeya Graham, English-Philosophy
Bill Gruhn, Printing Services
John Haines, Building Services
Eric Hanson, Shipping and Receiving
Ranae Hanson, Enrollment Management
Yolanda Johnson, Campus Events
Beatriz LeBron, Damon City Campus, Student Services Center
Denee Martin, Visual and Performing Arts
Sandra McCormick, Office and Computer Programs
Vilma Morrow, Damon City Campus, Student Services Center
Jeff O’Brien, MCC Student
Ed Perez, Building Services
Christine Plumeri, Damon City Campus
Tom Pollizi, Shipping and Receiving
Elaine Reichgott, Applied Technologies Center
Rosanne Rivers, Enrollment Management
Rose Selvaggio, Building Services
Marjorie Skehan, Printing Services
Bill Skehan, Public Safety

Additional photos from this year’s clothing drive are available at: M:\Offices\Shared\AAWCC\PHOTOS\Clothing Drive Spring 2010.

Gale LePore
Curriculum & Program Development