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Last Chance - Student Awards Nominations!

Deadline: February 27, 2017

Your assistance is requested to identify candidates for the student recognition awards described below. Please note the deadline date (February 27, 2017) and include as much of the requested information as you can on the form attached (copies accepted). Although students may self-nominate, forms bearing the signature of a faculty or staff member will be preferred.

Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) Outstanding Adult Student Award
*Purpose: To recognize those adults (25 yrs.+) who have been especially successful at combining college with their other adult responsibilities of family, job, career and community service.

*Eligibility: Completion of at least 50% of their degree program requirement.
*Criteria: Scholarship, service (college, community), employment, family, honors and awards, goals.
*Award: Dinner/reception – certificate of recognition.

Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
*Purpose: To recognize those students who, in addition to academic excellence, have demonstrated diverse talents through their contributions and service to community and school.

*Eligibility: Completion of at least 24 credits at MCC with good academic standing.
*Criteria: Service to College (committees, student organizations, athletics, work study, tutoring, peer counselors, etc.), community involvement/service, family/work responsibilities, other special recognition, and scholarship.

*Award: Dinner/reception, certificate of recognition, listing in national publication.

Lawrence Dugan
Virtual Campus Center