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Faculty and Staff Kickball

Attention all Faculty and Staff: The last week of classes (May 17th-May 21st), the intramural program and wellness committee will be hosting kickball games on the following days and times-

Monday 12:10-12:50 and 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Wednesday same times, and Friday 12:10-12:50.

We will plan on playing the games outside on the turf field (2 games running simultaneously)  and if we get a real strong response we can arrange other fields on the grass soccer field.  We wanted to offer this as an end of the year stress reliever to our hard working employees as a way to get outside and have some fun.

If a department wants to challenge another department, then we will work with them to make it happen.  For those that are interested please email Jeff Parrinello or Craig Rand with names of people in your departments that would like to participate and at what times would be convenient for them. 

We hope this can attract a good amount of people to be able to get out and play for fun.  If we can draw a strong response then we will offer the same type of event for finals week and open it up to the students as a way for them to relieve a little stress from a long year of work. 

We hope this can be a success and a good way for different departments to engage in a fun activity with other faculty and staff that they don’t normally interact with.  Please email "" if you are interested.  We would hope to be able to have teams of 7-10 players to ensure that people can get a lot of playing in.

Jeff Parrinello and Craig Rand
Intramurals/Health and Phys. Ed.