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Call for Nominees for Faculty Senate Vacancies

The Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Committee of the Faculty Senate seeks nominees to fill the following immediate vacancies in the Faculty Senate:

Teaching Faculty – one senator from each in the following departments:
Engineering Technologies Department (complete the term of Bob Mills)
Health Profession (complete the term of Paulette Peterson)

Professional Staff – one senator from each of the following offices, departments, or areas:
DCC Academic Services (complete the term of Rachael Tachco)
Public Safety Training Facility (open seat)
Workforce Development (open seat)
Student Services Divisional Area (open seat)

If you are uncertain if you are eligible to serve for a specific seat in the Senate, please consult the attached document, which lists the various professional staff offices, departments, and areas at the College that now define Faculty Senate constituencies. 

Nominees will be accepted until Tuesday, March 1st, at which time all vacancies in the Senate will either be filled immediately, or await regularly-scheduled Spring elections in May.

Michael Heel
Faculty Senate Nominations, Elections, and Governance (NEG) Chair

icon Faculty Senate Constituencies List Prof Staff-- ALL Fall 2015 (101215).pdf