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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are posted for faculty review for the period of September 15 to September 29. The proposals may be viewed by clicking on:  <>

CD42S INT 208 Instrument Electronics
PR18S Performing Arts: Music
CD1F Court Reporting Courses: CRT 101,102,103,112,113,201,202,203
CD3F PE 102 Personal Fitness for Professional Firefighter
CD4F PEC 198 Co-Ed Water Safety
CD5F PEM 134 Soccer
CD6S PEC 149 Co-Ed Tennis
CD7S PEM 136 Volleyball/Basketball
CD8F PEM 138 Floor Hockey
CD9S PPE 165 Theory/Technique of Aquatic Instruction (WSI)
CD10S PPE 172 Physical Fitness Testing
CD11F PEC 134 Co-Ed Soccer
CD12F PEC 132 Co-Ed Basketball
CD13F PEC 136 Co-Ed Volleyball/Basketball
CD27S HIM 275 Medicolegal Aspects of Medical Transcription
CD52S DEN 221 Community Dentistry
CD53S PSP 118 Peace Officer
CD54S ART 191 Art History Video – Impressionism
CD55S ART 192 Art History Video – Women Artists
CD56S ART 193 Art History Video – 20th Century
CD57S HIM 276 Professional Readiness for Medical Transcription
CD58S HIM 278 Advanced Medical Transcription
CD60S PEH 101 Handicapped P.E. I
CD61S PEH 102 Handicapped P.E. II
CD62S PEH 103 Handicapped P.E. III
CD63S PEH 104 Handicapped P.E. IV
CR58S ACD 141 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment Modalities
CR59S ACD 142 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency and the Family System
CR60S ACD 143 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Counseling Skills
CR61S ACD 144 Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse Group Counseling Skills
CR62S ACD 145 Special Issues in the Field of Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse
CR55S CSC 103 Instruction to Data Structures
CR56S CIS 223 Computer Programming – C++
CR57S CIS 225 Advanced Java

Faculty Senate Resolutions– 31
2.1.1 (4) The Curriculum Committee will review the proposals. Upon review, proposals will be posted electronically for faculty review for ten (10) working days. Comments may be submitted by clicking on “Respond to the Document” while in “Posted for Faculty Review.” Comments will be sent electronically to the Committee Chairperson. After the posting period is complete, the Curriculum Committee will review comments and vote on the proposals.

Silvana Sifkarovski
Curriculum & Program Development