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Greening a Rochester Winter / Summer Part II

The Facilities organization has taken many positive steps to reduce our energy consumption and, as a result, our energy costs.

Equally important is what you can do to reduce your own energy consumption.  Your efforts are an essential part of a college-wide initiative to reduce energy use, our carbon footprint and wasteful spending.  Reducing energy use is a key point in reducing our carbon footprint.  We ask that you continue to do your part by implementing some of the ideas listed below:

Switch off lights and office equipment when not in use. Remove electronic devices (e.g., cell phone and laptop chargers) from outlets — they draw “phantom” energy even when they’re not turned on or in use.

Don’t use personal heaters, which are energy hogs.  Instead, bring a sweater to keep in the office, and wear seasonally appropriate footwear.

Turn off office computer and printer at night unless you are a remote desktop user.  Also, when you leave your workspace for breaks of 30 minutes or more, simply switch off your monitor.

On the surface, individual efforts may not seem to make much difference, but when they are multiplied by 900 faculty and staff members, or 18,000 students, they add up to major savings.

If you have any questions or ideas for additional energy reductions, please e-mail <<>>

Heze Simmons, Vice President
Administrative Services