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Healthy Topics for Everyday Living Events for April 2018

Stop by the Brick Lounge 12-1pm Monday-Thursday to see what our community presenters and student peer health educators Kelvin Peek and Shea Smuk have to offer. It's informal, interactive, and educational.

Please see the attached calendar for the April programming. Please note that there will not be HIV testing in our office on 4/4/18.

For this last week of March we have:

1. Chandra Santiago,from Univera Healthcare (a division of Excellus) talking about mental health on Tuesday

2. Community Place of Greater Rochester with gambling awareness on Wednesday

3. Shea and Kelvin from Health Services talking about safe tattoos and body piercings.

Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN

Attached Files:
April Healthy Topics Calender 2018.pdf

Flanagan, Jeanne
Health Services