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Stasia Callan Publishes Memoir in The Rochester Polonia News

Stasia Callan, Professor of English, published her memor entitled "Gaweda Goralki"* in the March 2005 edition of The Rochester Polonia News, a publication of the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester.  Stasia's memoir begins,

"It seems as if I left the mountains only yesterday; although, it was about four decades ago.  It was a silent snowy day, and the mountains were veiled with large fluffy flakes drifting down slowly.  The horses pulling the sleigh that was taking my mother and me to the train station were quickly getting covered with a blanket of snow, which they were shrugging off periodically.  I was a teenager leaving for life's big adventure on another continent."

It is Monroe Community College's good fortune that Stasia, one of our truly dedicated teachers, journeyed to Rochester and joined the English/Philosophy Department.

* "Gaweda Goralki" means a tale of a mountain girl.

Bob De Felice