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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are being posted for your review for the period December 19, 2005 through January 19, 2006. You can view them by clicking on

NC20F BUS 281 PAETEC Inc. Business Collaborative (Special Studies)

NC21F COM 130 Media Writing

NC22F CDL 115 Job Search Strategies

CD3F   BIO 160 General Botany

CD4F   BIO 165 General Zoology

CD5F   BIO 215 Genetics

CR12F BIO 139 Growth and Aging: The Biology of Human Development

CR13F BIO 221 Principles of Biochemistry

CR14F BIO 209 General Microbiology

CR15F BIO 250 Evolution

CR16F BIO 252 Current Topics in Biology Seminar

CR17F BIO 260 General Ecology

CR18F BIO 265 Vertebrate Zoology

CR19F BIO 266 Biology of Vascular Plants

CR20F BIO 202 Microbiology

CR21F BIO 135 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

CR22F CIT 112 CAD for Construction

CR23F MET 203 Technical Mechanics, Statics

CR24F CIT 204 Strength of Materials

CR25F FSA 203 Culinary Arts II: Advanced Food Production

CR27F BIO 156 General Biology II


Elsie V. Beach
Curriculum & Program Development