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The 2016 TCC High Impact Practices Summer Institute was a Success

During the last week of July, 26 full-time and adjunct faculty across the college participated in the 4-day 2016 TCC High Impact Practices Summer Institute.  Participants were actively engaged in full-day programming including: seminars, workshops, and consultations to learn about L.D. Fink’s integrated course design in order to integrate a high impact practice into one of their current courses.  Participants learned how to integrate either a collaborative learning practice, a service learning project, or how to teach their course as an integrated learning community.  The TCC Institute was funded by the Title III grant and led by the Interim Dean of Academic Foundations, Renee Dimino and Title III High Impact Practices Specialist, Alison Albright. The Institute was positively impacted by the contributions of Carol Wilkinson, Title III Program Secretary and Adrianna Arnone, Student Aide.  Six HIPs faculty coaches facilitated workshops and offered consultation services during the week, and these services were integral to the Institute’s success.  We would like to recognize and thank Susan Belair (AHPS), Kathleen Borbee (Business Administration), Rick Costanza (Education), Angelique Johnston (English and Philosophy), Gena Merliss (ESOL/Transitional Studies), and Terry Shamblin (ESOL/Transitional Studies) for their invaluable coaching and guidance throughout the Institute.  Finally, we would like to thank and recognize the 2016 TCC High Impact Practices Summer Institute participants.  We wish them success in integrating their new HIP during the 2016-2017 academic year!

Collaborative Learning:

Debra Adiletta, Adjunct Associate Professor, Mathematics

Deborah Appleton, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Eric Berg, Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Colleen Caruana, Instructor, Nursing

Elizabeth Ciminelli, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Raymond Dumbleton, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Emma Duncan, Adjunct Lecturer, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Kelli Eberle, Adjunct Assistant Professor, English/Philosophy

Mary Mohr, Instructor, Engineering Science/Physics

Suzanne Olsen, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Ronalyn Pollack, Adjunct Lecturer, Health/Physical Education

Celia Reaves, Professor, Psychology

Sarah White, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Marie Wilson, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Service Learning:

Beth Clickner, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Marisol Galarza-Ruiz, Assistant Professor, World Languages/Cultures

Rebecca Horwitz, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Betty Mandly, Instructor, Human Services

Learning Communities:

Julie Damerell, Associate Professor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Meghan Glaser, Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Kelly Nagle, Instructor, Law/Criminal Justice

Catharine Ganze Smith, Assistant Professor, English/Philosophy

LaQuanna Sparkman, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Jessica Strollo, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Laura Tepper, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Sarah Wessel, Adjunct Instructor, ESOL/Transitional Studies

Alison Albright
Academic Foundations