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Curriculum Postings for Faculty Review Until May 9, 2017

The following curriculum proposals were approved by Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review until May 9, 2017

Program Revision:

AAS Nursing - 2016-PR25-Spring

Course Revisions:

ENG 213 Creative Writing - 2016-CR80-Spring

CIS 209 Systems Analysis and Design - 2016-CR84-Spring


World Civilization (SUNY-WC)

ART 240 Women, Art and Society (Delist SUNY-H) - Dawn Murphy-12/06/2016-GE-2

Please note that all courses approved for SUNY General Education also qualify for related MCC General Education Learning Outcomes automatically.  For these proposals, the MCC General Education component does not require separate approval by the faculty. 

Michael Heel
Curriculum & Program Development