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ETS Technology Updates

Technology Updates from Educational Technology Services (ETS)

What Happened?  Junk Email Update
When?  Holiday Break
As a reminder, ETS updated the College’s email spam filter over the holiday break. Users should notice a reduction in the amount of email spam.  Users may also notice that the Junk Folder is empty.  This is absolutely normal!  The new system rejects the majority of mail that is delivered to the college before it is processed.  In fact, about 90% of the email that is presented to MCC is from known, documented spammers and is rejected immediately without being processed further.  You have the capabilities of blocking or unblocking (aka filtering) your own email by simply right clicking on any email message and choosing an option under “junk.” If you are experiencing difficulties with junk email, please contact the Call Center (Help Desk) at 4357.

What’s Coming?  Student Password Policy
When? February Break
ETS will be adding students to the current password policy in response to MCC’s external auditor’s recommendation to enhance security and privacy of information for students. Students will be required to change their network passwords on a regular basis.  This will not affect their Banner PIN #.  Expect this password change over the February break.  Specific details will follow.

What’s Coming?  MCC@Home Change
When?  February Break
The MCC@Home service will be decommissioned over the February break.  Any users still relying on MCC@Home should convert their VPN to  Access instructions and installation details are located on that page and available for use now.   Please direct any questions or problems you encounter with MyVPN via email to:

For Office PC and Network assistance and technology training (non-classroom technology), faculty and staff should contact:

ETS Call Center (Help Desk)     
On Campus:   ext. 4357
Off Campus:  292-2000 - ask for the Call Center or Help Desk

Eileen Scorgie
Educational Technology Services