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Save the Date - Employee Recognition Ceremony

Save the Date -- Employee's Recognition Ceremony

May 30, 2012 is the day we, as a college community, will take the opportunity to acknowledge our colleagues.  Some will be honored for their accomplishments, others will retire after many years and still others will be recognized for their years of service to Monroe Community College.

In our efforts to not exclude anyone for recognition please review the list below and contact the Human Resources office by May 18, 2012 if you feel that anyone has been omitted.

15 Years of Service

Etienne Blaakman                   Bookstore - DCC
Paul Brennan                           Applied Technologies
Cynthia Clark Inman              Human Resources
Carol Dayes                            Financial Aid
Michael Gibson                       Building Services
Anne Hughes                          Career and Transfer Center
Joan Moorehead                      Admissions
Joanne Oriel                            Student Life and Leadership Development
Edsell Pointer                          Shipping And Receiving
James Polk                              Mail Services
Nilda Rodriguez                     Psychology
Patricia Storms                        Science, Health and Business
Janet Zinck                              Hospitality

20 Years of Service

Justine Adams                         Childcare Center
Deborah Benjamin                  Registration and Records
Phyllis Clair                             Engineering Technologies
Antonia Custodio                   Executive Dean’s Office, DCC
John Haines                             Building Services
Terrance Keys                         Instructional Technologies
Richard Loveland                   Facilities

25 Years of Service

Kassandra Amo                        Admissions                
Susan Baker                              Student Services
Susan Cable                              Law and Criminal Justice      
Roxanne Cimo                          Controller’s Office
Marc Connolly                          Public Safety Training Center
Anthony Conte                         Business Administration
Charlotte Downing                   Curriculum and Program Development         
Barry Goldfarb                         Visual and Performing Arts
Judy Kaufman                          Biology                      
Mary Lynch-Butler                   Biology
Joseph McCauley                     Business Administration        
Jill Mcphee                               Biology
Kathleen Milligan                     Mathematics
Ramona Moore                         Transitional Studies - DCC
Kathleen O’Shea                      English/Philosophy
Ann Penwarden                        Library                                               
Craig Rand                               Health and Physical Education
Barbara Robinson                     Computing                 
Scott Sanford                           Applied Technologies
Raymond Shea                         Institutional Planning
Michele Skehan                        Printing Services
Nancy Soregi                            Financial Aid                         
Terrill Tugel                              Biology
Margaret VanKirk                    Instructional Technologies

30 Years of Service

Rory Butler                             Computer Related Curriculum
James Coon                             Facilities
Robert Hunter                         Engineering Technologies
Elizabeth Kelly                       Health and Physical Education
Patricia Kennedy                    Academic Support Services
Denise Klein                           Counseling and Advising
Nancy Mallory                        Visual and Performing Arts
Gregory Nickason                   Facilities
Emeterio Otero                       Executive Dean, DCC
Vince Pratt                              Printing Services

35 Years of Service

Frank Ambrosio                      Engineering Technologies
Jeanette Brindle                      Registration and Records
Richard Wilkinson                  Facilities

Human Resources Team
Human Resources