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Walktober 2005

Are you interested in improving your level of health, increasing your  physical activity, reducing your stress, improving your mood, controlling your appetite ,improving you concentration, short-term memory and ability to make complex decisions as well as preventing or minimizing the effects of many lifestyle diseases?  

Did you know that participating in a consistent walking program can significantly impact your health and balance your body, mind and spirit?

Why not join members of the MCC community by participating in MCC’s First Annual Walktober Event
Anyone interested in more information on how you can participate, attend an informational session on Wednesday September 28, 2005 during College Hour in room 10-142 or e-mail Karen Cardillo ""

Walktober is a new national walking campaign designed to:
Dramatically boost walking in just 31 days — from the national average of 4000 steps a day to 8000 to 10,000 steps a day.

Inspire individuals to make walking a priority — in October and beyond.
Foster a commitment by organizations and institutions to place high value on walkable environments and supportive policies.

October is an ideal time to begin or continue a comprehensive walking program. Temperatures are moderate and the colors are spectacular. Vacations are over and the holidays have not yet arrived, making it an ideal time to get into a regular walking routine that will carry you right through winter.

MCC’s First Annual Walktober event is a 31-day program sponsored by Health Services, the Department of Health and Physical Education, Residence Life, and Peer Assistance Resource Center.  If you are currently walking for activity alone, with friends, at home or at work, join us as we support each other and celebrate our success. It is NOT required to walk in a group or at specific times.  We will have walking logs, keep track of our collective progress, motivate each other and connect via e-mail throughout the month. 

Who knows?  You might win a prize, feel better, make some new friends and start taking control of your health and life!

Karen Cardillo
Health and Physical Education