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Book Display "Good Winter Reads" at DCC Library

January 5 through January 25
Book Display: “Good Winter Reads”
At the Damon City Campus Library

Imagine a snow storm outside, roads covered by snow, wind whistling around the corner of your home and bending tree branches, the day light disappearing into the dark of the night. This is the time when you have no wish to leave your warm home and it is the best time to cuddle in your armchair and read a good book.

The Damon City Campus Library has prepared a selection of good literature for everyone. The selected books are on display in a book case on the 4th floor, next to the Library door.  If you wish to check out the displayed items, please come to the Library and ask for assistance.

If you would rather read something else that is not on the display, again, enter the Library and consult a librarian. Our librarians will be happy to assist you. 

Stephanie Hranjec
DCC Library