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Register NOW for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Don’t miss out! Register your guests NOW! Registration forms are due in by April 8, 2005!

Guests need to be pre-registered in order to participate in the day’s events. (This helps to make sure there are enough activities) Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by their guardian at all times. Please return the registration form by April 8, 2005. A schedule of presentations and locations will be available soon. Some of the activities will include:

At The Damon Campus

Stressed Out?  Finding well being in stressful times
In this workshop, you will explore what the stress response looks like in our bodies.  You will then experiment with ways to more effectively deal with stress mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

The Joy of being a Volunteer!
This session will explore volunteerism in the Rochester Americorps program; how to serve the community in small and big ways.  You will then participate in a hands-on volunteer activity, an Ice Cream social, where you will serve ice cream and socialize with the elderly from Life Span. 

Exploring the Wonders of the Human Body
You will engage in fun lab activities to examine how the human body works.  Time permitting you may even get to explore some aspects of forensic science and crime scene investigation. 

Want to be a teacher?  Are you creative and do you enjoy teaching others?  Working with art supplies and your own creative ingenuity, you will design an activity that will be taught to others.

At The Brighton Campus

Greenhouse Workshop    
Come and see the diversity of the plant world and get hands on experience with plants. You will be able to take cuttings, plant them and take them home that day to grow.

Knitting Cool Scarves  
Come and learn how to knit yourself a cool scarf!

Your Amazing Earth     
Come investigate the incredible PLANET you live on!  Collect your very own FOSSILS!  Take a virtual tour of Glaciers in Alaska and VOLCANOES in Hawaii! 

A Rainbow of Wealth: 
Come and learn about setting up a business plan.  You will then create your own tye-dye
masterpiece.  You will need to come prepared for this session by bringing an article of
clothing to tye-dye (cotton shirt, shorts, etc) and a large, heavy-duty Zip Lock Bag.

Laura Coriddi