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Don't Be a Couch Potato!

With the encouragement of President Anne Kress and funding from the MCC Association, MCC was able to participate in the Rochester Benches on Parade Project by creating our very own “Couch Potato” bench.  The message we are hoping to convey through this bench is to get up and out, explore the world, and discover the many opportunities available by attending MCC!  The bench, located in the Peter A. Spina Administration Building bus waiting area on the second floor, was a project supervised by Art Professor Kathy Farrell from the Visual and Performing Arts Department.  The contributing artists involved were Torrell Arnold, Fabiano Sarra, Jennifer Huffman,  Deborah Lindenau,  Skyler Millen, Barbara Stephens, Corey Winnicki, Marissa Wilson and Professor Kathy Farrell.

The artists conceptualized the idea of a couch and the stereotypical couch potato “Armchair Athlete.”  They mulled over this idea and wanted to show a couch potato having thoughts of what he/she could do if only he/she turned off the television and got busy doing something positive with her/his life.  The couch potatoes portray images of individuals going to college to become firefighters, police officers, artists, doctors, nurses and scientists -- all the things every kid wants to be and all the things one can achieve by hard work and determination. 

The MCC Couch Potato Bench will remain in the current location for the next few weeks.It will also travel to other locations including the Flynn Campus Center, the Gilman Lounge, and the Mercer Gallery.  We hope you have a chance to view this very unique work of art and appreciate the fine work done by our artists at MCC.


Annette Agness, Director
MCC Association, Inc.