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Careers in the Arts Extravaganza

The Creative Arts Committee is delighted to present a week-long Careers in the Arts event.  Each day, a panel of successful writers and/or illustrators will meet with students to discuss their experience publishing their works and to look at student portfolios.  The event is free and open to MCC students, faculty, and staff.  Event dates, times, and place are below:

Monday, Mar 31   Children Book Writers/Illustrators/Game Designers, Flynn Campus Center Brighton Room (3-217), 3-5 pm
Tuesday, Apr 1 Fiction Writers, Flynn Campus Center, Brighton Room, 3-5 pm        
Wed, Apr 2   Poets, Flynn Campus Center Brighton Room 3-5 pm
Thurs, Apr 3 Non-Fiction Writers Flynn Campus Center Brighton Room 3-5 pm
Friday, Apr 4 Script Writers Flynn Campus Center Forum (3-130), 12 pm; Script Writing Workshop Flynn Campus Center Forum, 3-5 pm
Please contact Elizabeth Johnston <> or Maria Brandt <> for further information.

Elizabeth Johnston