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MCC's Spring Semester Marketing Campaign Underway

If you thought you heard an MCC radio commercial on the way to work today – you did!   The television and radio campaign for spring semester started today and will run through January.

A digital marketing campaign will begin this week and run through January as well.  The digital campaign has several components:

* Online Video Campaign – Our TV spots will run on YouTube, targeting likely prospects.

* Display Advertising – Banner ads will run on hundreds of internet sites, based on the internet usage of targeted prospects.  There are five different kinds of display ads:

* General MCC ads

* General online learning ads

* Program specific ads – Ads will promote online business administration, sports management and mathematics degrees. These degree programs are offered fully online; sports management and mathematics are also part of Open SUNY +. 

* Retargeting Advertising – Visitors to <>  will see follow-up MCC ads as they browse the internet, encouraging them to return and apply now.

* Facebook – Ads will be promoted on Facebook to users who meet criteria as likely prospects for MCC.  The Facebook ads will promote MCC in general, online learning, and the three programs highlighted above.

* MCC Social Media Channels – Spring enrollment will be promoted on MCC’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In channels.

* Web – All of the prospects who respond to the digital advertising will be sent to specific sites, including a special campaign landing page.  This will enable MCC to track web activity and advertising effectiveness.

* Geography - All of the radio, TV, and digital advertising will run in the greater Rochester region.   Additionally, the digital ads for the online learning and program ads will run in Erie and Suffolk Counties.  Running MCC ads in new geographies opens up our online programs to new markets and will provide important data to determine the potential of new markets for the Virtual Campus.

* Movie Theater Advertising - In addition to the radio, TV, and digital advertising, MCC has been running advertising in the Regal Greece Ridge Stadium 12, Regal Henrietta Stadium 18, and the Cinemark Tinseltown USA – Gates theaters.  The ads started running in November and will continue in December, taking advantage of such blockbuster releases as the Star Wars and Hunger Games sequels.

* Direct Mail – Direct mail to prospects is sent on a regular basis throughout the year.  Mail is sent to prospects on purchased lists who meet certain criteria.  We also mail to “warm” prospects, including people who have inquired about MCC; have started an application but have not finished; have been accepted but did not yet register; or have applied to MCC previously but never attended any college.

* Word-of-Mouth Advertising – As always, word of mouth advertising is a very powerful tactic.  Please encourage your friends and family to check out MCC.

Thanks go to Virtual Campus and Enrollment Management, who work closely with MCR to develop our marketing programs.

Debra Davis
Marketing and Community Relations