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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals were approved by the Curriculum Committee to be posted for faculty review for the period of March 9 to March 23, 2010. The proposals may be viewed by clicking on:

CR34S CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CR35S CRJ 103 Constitutional Law and Rights of People

CR41F COM 220 Business Practices for Visual Media Artists and Producers

NC6S PPE 210 Selective Certification in Youth Sports

PR4S Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic, AAS

PR9S Paramedic, Certificate

CR27S HIS 262 Vietnam War

CR37F COM 104 Introduction to Graphic Production

CR40S MAR 201 Dynamics of Selling

CD5S ANT 120 Anthropology of Science Fiction

CD6S PAD 101 Introduction to Public Administration

CD7S Public Administration Courses

CD8S PAD 202 Public Sector Finance

CD9S PAD 230 Legal Issues: Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors

CD10S PAD 121 Public Administration Education Internship I

CD11S PAD 102 Public Sector Management

CD12S PAD 103 Public Sector Human Resources

Faculty Senate Resolutions– 31
2.1.1 (4) The Curriculum Committee will review the proposals. Upon review, proposals will be posted electronically for faculty review for ten (10) working days. Comments may be submitted by clicking on “Respond to the Document” while in “Posted for Faculty Review.” Comments will be sent electronically to the Committee Chairperson. After the posting period is complete, the Curriculum Committee will review comments and vote on the proposals.

Silvana Sifkarovski
Curriculum & Program Development