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Call for Online Course Development:  SLN

The College offers existing courses converted to online via the Internet through the SUNY Learning Network, ANGEL platform. Faculty with basic computer skills and a willingness to teach to asynchronous environment, please go to the Curriculum Database <<>> to complete an SLN proposal.  The proposal submission will follow the Curriculum process with approvals by your department chair, division dean to the Curriculum Office by October 15th.

The Curriculum Office is pleased to announce the development of two new SLN courses offered this semester:

BIO 235 Introduction to Human Disease (3 credits) – Christopher Wendtland

GEG 101 Physical Geography (3 credits) – Jonathon Little

Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me at ext. 2188 or via e-mail, <"">.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum and Program Development