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Motivation Monday: Set Healthy Intentions for the Week Ahead

The Monday Campaigns is a public health initiative associated with John Hopkins, Colombia, and Syracuse Universities. The campaign was designed to encourage sustainable behavior change by encouraging people to dedicate every Monday to health and wellness. Why choose to designate Monday as the day? Research shows that healthy behavior and ways of thinking are aligned with days of the week, with Monday being the day people are most willing to create positive changes in their lives. The Counseling Center and Disability Services office invites you to start off your Monday by setting some healthy intentions for yourself for the week ahead. The below exercise can help clear the mind of worries, stress and unhappiness, and it also encourages a clean mental slate to allow someone to refresh their healthy intentions at the beginning of the week. To get started, if you feel safe doing so, we encourage you to find a quiet place where you can concentrate on your breathing.

  1. Take long, deep, steady breaths to get calm and centered. Notice your thoughts and feelings.
  2. Let go of anything causing you stress or unhappiness by imagining it drifting away with each breath. Really visualize letting go of all your troubles.
  3. With a clear mind, after negative thoughts have drifted further away with each passing breath, set a healthy intention for yourself for the week. Examples of intentions could be things such as being more compassionate with yourself or others, or being more confident. Don’t forget to revisit and refresh your intention during the week, and consider rewarding yourself for any progress made!

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Morgan Kennell
Counseling Center & Disability Services