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Our Students: What They're Thankful for

At the Damon City Campus Learning Commons we conducted a short survey among our students to see what Thanksgiving Holiday means to them. 

Their answers reveal that Thanksgiving still holds a very special and honored place in the culture of our nation and our hearts.

Students most common answers:

…. Thankful for life, health, happiness, freedom, hard work, family, job, coworkers,

     education, friends, children, fiance, boyfriend, opportunities, strength, wisdom,

     mentors, and role models

Some students were more specific:

….Thankful to God for roof above my head, food on my table

….Thankful for life, mistake I made and joy I have

….Thankful for being a cancer survivor

….Thankful that God has given me another shot of life

….Thankful that I didn’t have to bury anyone

….Thankful to wake up and being able to breathe and see

….Thankful for what I have to share with those who don’t have anything

For the end of the list we saved one, very short but most explicit and profoundly touching:

“THANKFUL FOR MORNINGS” -- Think about it!


Students’ answers are now on display in the atrium, next to the entrance to the Damon Learning Commons. 


Stephanie Hranjec
MCC Libraries