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Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Registration Forms available now!!!

Don’t miss out!!!!!! Register NOW!!!!!!!! Registration forms are due in by April 2, 2004!!!!!!

Guests need to be pre-registered in order to participate in the day’s events. (This helps to make sure there are enough activities) Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by their guardian at all times. Please return the registration form by April 2, 2004. A schedule of presentations and locations will be available the week of April 5th. Some of the activities will include:

At The Damon Campus

·       A Mock Trial
·       Here comes the  judge!! Come and see what happens in a courtroom.

·       Exploring the Human Body
·       Interesting facts about your body and how it works.

·       Visualization of your Future Career
·       Make a collage of your dream.

At The Brighton Campus

·       Bare Bones of Medical Imaging
·       Have you ever wondered what you look like on the inside?

·       Meet a Retired Grayhound  Race Dog
·       They are professional racers for about 4 years.

·       Tour of WMCC Radio Station
·       Come and see how things work at a radio station.

Go to to download a form. You can also view last year’s schedule and information to purchase a gift for your guest.

So don’t wait!! Register now!!! See you April 22!!!

Laura Coriddi