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(Phase Two)  M: Drive Data Retention Guidelines in Effect on November 29, 2013

Phase Two of the M:Drive Data Retention Guidelines will take effect on November 29, 2013 for the following directory:


Files that are in the above directory that have not been accessed in the last seven (7) months will be deleted.  Employees are advised to review the files in the M:Drive Offices shared directory and delete any files that don’t need to be there or move them to a more appropriate area on the M:Drive or another storage device.  The purpose of the “Shared” directory is a temporary shared area; the “Shared” directory is not a permanent location for files.   Attached is a copy of the M:Drive Data Retention Guidelines for your review.

If you need assistance with relocating files that are currently stored in the M:\Office\Shared directory to a permanent location, please contact the Technology Support Desk at x8324 option 3, and then option 1.

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Educational Technology Services

icon MCC MDrive Directory and Data Retention Guidelines.pdf