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MCC M:Drive Directory and Data Retention Guidelines

Phase one of the M: Drive Data Retention Guidelines will take effect on November 15, 2013 for the following Shared Directories:

M:\Offices\Academic Service\Shared
M:\Offices\Administrative Services\Shared
M:\Offices\Economic Development & Innovative Workforce\Shared
M:\Offices\Student Services\Shared
M:\Offices\Educational Technology Services\Shared             

Files that are in the above directories that have not been accessed in the last 12 months will be deleted.  Employees are advised to review the files in divisional shared directories and delete any files that don’t need to be there or move them to a more appropriate area on the M: drive or another storage device.  The purpose of the “Shared” directory is a temporary shared area; the “Shared” directory is not  a permanent location for files.   Attached is a copy of the M: Drive Directory and Data Retention Guidelines for your review.

ETS Communications
Educational Technology Services

icon MCC MDrive Directory and Data Retention Guidelines.pdf