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Margot Shetterly's Discussion on Hidden Figures: Setting Goals for Our Future

On Wednesday May 3rd, MCC Upward Bound selected students from World of Inquiry, Early College, and Wilson high schools to attend the Margot Shetterly presentation at Damon City Campus. Zaria, a sophomore from World of Inquiry, was brave enough to ask the author, "How long did it take to write your book?" It was a question many of us wondered as well. Shetterly explained that it took her six years before she was finally able to publish Hidden Figures. Her answer inspired a conversation between UB's program director Ms. Brown, UB's AmeriCorps members, and our students. We talked about the importance of setting goals for ourselves especially in high school. Just as it took Shetterly a while to make her book a success, it takes time to study for exams and figure out a realistic career path. Both Shetterly's and UB's discussions resonated with our students as they finish up this academic school year and practice planning for the next one.

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Jenee Skinner
MCC Upward Bound