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Jachim-Moore and Avalone Represent MCC at SCUP 48

Darrell Jachim-Moore, Assistant Vice President Administrative Services and Valarie Avalone, Director of Planning represented MCC at SCUP’s Community College Advisory Group held recently at the Society for College and University Planning’s International Conference in San Diego, Calif. 

As active members of the SCUP Academy Council, Jachim-Moore and Avalone reviewed session proposals for screening and selecting program content for the conference.

In addition, Jachim-Moore convened the session, ”Integrated Planning: Moving From Vision Through Implementation to Achievement,” presented by Larry Goldstein, President of Campus Strategies.

SCUP is an international society of 5,000 higher education planning professionals which provides knowledge and resources on integrated planning for higher education, with a particular focus on academic, strategic, financial, facilities and infrastructural planning. 

Heze Simmons
CFO/VP, Administrative Services