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Uduk Hope: Strategizing Intervention in Doro Refugee Camp (10:30-12pm) Empire Room

Presenter: Christine Dima (Global Education and International Services)

In 2016 Christine Dima participated in a research study to discover how a new nongovernmental organization called Uduk Hope Incorporated could best support the communities in Doro Refugee Camp. Uduk Hope was founded by members of the Uduk diaspora living in Rochester, NY as a way to support their displaced loved ones in Doro Refugee Camp, which is located on the border of South Sudan and Ethiopia. The central research questions of the study were: In what ways are the existing organizations in Doro Refugee Camp responding to and addressing the needs of the camp inhabitants? In what ways could the current organizations use further support and resources that Uduk Hope can provide? The findings of this study informed the organizational practice of Uduk Hope Incorporated and led to further research in three other refugee camps in Ethiopia where other Uduk communities reside.

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Barbara Ellis
Health Professions