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Call for New SLN Course Development

If you are interested in offering an existing course in the SLN format, please go to the Curriculum Database <<>> to complete a proposal to develop an existing course online through SLN/ANGEL by October 15.

The Curriculum Office is pleased to announce the development of six new courses for delivery through the SUNY Learning Network beginning fall 2008.

The six new courses are:

DEN 214 Dental Hygiene III (1 credit) – Marsha Bower

DAS 117 Biomedical Foundations of Dental Assisting Practice (3 credits) – Marsha Bower

DEN 224 Dental Hygiene IV (1 credit) – Marsha Bower

DEN 226 Dental Therapeutics II (1-3 credits) – Saroj Viswanathan

DEN 229 Periodontics III (1 credit) – Saroj Viswanathan

DEN 222 Community Dentistry II (1 credit) – Susan Forsyth

Should you have questions or comments, please call me at extension 2188.

Charlotte Downing
Curriculum & Program Development