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Engineering Day Champions

Nearly 100 Engineering Science students competed for top honors in four course competitions held during Engineering Day.  The champions of each competition are listed below.

ENR153:  Robot Triathlon

1st place:  Bryan Lilly and Patrick Roache

ENR153:  3D Printed Car Bodies

1st place:  Bryan Lilly and Patrick Roache

ENR 161:  Lego Robots

1st place: Ian Wilson, Stuart Burtner, and Ann Bradish

ENR 251:  Structural Design and Poster Presentations

1st place:  Jeff Daring, John Trout, and Carrie Phillips

John Wadach, Chairman

Engineering Science and Physics

Monroe Community College

1000 E. Henrietta Road

Rochester, NY 14623

(585) 292-2488

John Wadach
Engineering Science and Physics

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