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Mark Your Calendar: The World Maps Gallery Coming to MCC

Coming This November to Monroe Community College: THE WORLD MAPS GALLERY

The Office of Global Education and International Services and MCC’s Geography Program are excited to announce the upcoming installation of a permanent gallery of 16 world maps showcasing aspects of human geography, physical geography, and geospatial technology. 

These maps will be installed throughout the Brighton Campus and will be identifiable by a black frame and a World Maps Gallery sign above. As in an art gallery or museum, the maps will have a display label explaining the map.  The display label will also feature a QR Code that when scanned with a smart phone, tablet or laptop will reveal links to additional information and ways to interact.

This project was funded by an MCC Foundation grant and developed by the Office of Global Education and International Services and MCC’s Geography Program.  The DCC Library also assisted with populating the QR Codes and several faculty members helped curate the maps.  Most maps were printed in house by the Print Shop and will be installed by our Facilities staff.  It is truly an MCC collaborative effort!

Maps in the gallery include the following:

1.      Global Obesity Rates                                            
2.      Human Rights & Global Sexual Orientation Laws
3.      Wealth Cartogram                                               
4.      Military Veterans of MCC                                      
5.      Skin Color and Ultraviolet Radiation                    
6.      Peace Corps                                                          
7.      Sports Popularity                                                    
8.      Water Stress                                                         
9.      Agricultural Crops                                                
10.  Trash Islands (painted by a Painting II student)     
11.  Piri Reis                                                                
12.  Upside Down Map                                                  
13.  Peters Projection Map                                           
14.  Countries where English is Official Language
15.  Global Migration patterns
16. Lightning Strikes Around the Globe

Please see the attached document for more details on this unique project and be sure to mark your calendar for the official opening of The World Maps Gallery on Monday, November 14th at noon in the Flynn Campus Center Atrium.

Gale Lynch & Jon Little
Global Education and International Services & The Geography Program

icon Example of Map Gallery Card and QRC.pdf