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Academic Concern Alert

As we work through design and implementation to tailor Starfish to MCC, you may see changes to the list of flags that faculty can raise to provide an early alert for student success.

In the first semester of full-scale implementation of Starfish flags, we noticed that the General Concern flag did not capture the student alerts we predicted. In the majority of instances, the student issues raised under the General Concern flag would be better captured under another, more specific, flag or via the BIR reporting system*.

Here are the flags that are available for faculty to raise in Starfish for student concerns during the spring 2017 semester:

*        Kudos

*        Student Needs Textbook

*        Attendance Concern (this flag will be available through week 12 of spring courses only)

*        Low Grade Concern

*        Mid-Semester Grade Concern

*        In Danger of Failing (this flag will be available through week 12 of spring courses only)

*        Recommended to Withdraw

Starfish will continue to evolve as we review and assess how we can best utilize this technology to support student retention and success.

*Note: Starfish Flags are intended for academic issues only. Other student concerns, including classroom behavior concerns, should be reported through the Behavioral Incident Report (BIR) system.

Renee Dimino, Interim Dean
Academic Foundations