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Construction work this week - Yes! Read this!  It will affect YOU

There are a multitude of projects running on campus now, and a few more starting up on Friday and next week. So, buckle up and we’ll take a quick ride over the campus…….

East Loop Road – The Brighton Sewer Department is extending its sewer lines  and digging along our roadway. They plan to dig 300’  a day and follow the drainage ditch along the road until after the Brighton-Henrietta Townline Entrance when they will switch sides by cutting across the road. This is anticipated to occur in about 2 weeks – we’ll see. When they cross our loop road, it will be closed for a day or two. Detours will be posted. Access to campus will be maintained.

Parking Lots – It’s time to resurface some of the rough lots. Here’s the rough schedule: depending on weather---- For seal coating and restriping -

July 28-29 Lot Q
July 30th  - Aug ? Mill Lot E, Pave, and stripe
July 30th – Aug ? Mill lot F , Pave and stripe
July 31ish- August 1 ish – Lot J seal and stripe
Aug 1 ish – Dock at Building 4 seal
Aug 2ish – The east part of Lot G not being used (30%) seal and stripe
Aug 3-4, ½ of ATC lots seal and stripe
Aug 9-10 ish remainder of ATC lots seal and stripe
Aug 11-12 Remainder of G lot seal and stripe

Striping Lots A, C, D, H, K will take place when no one is looking.

Property Preservation – The air handler for the Theatre is on schedule and all is going well. The air handler replacement for the south end of Building 6 is right behind it and is expected to be started up late next week for testing. Building 7 is following that and is expected the following week. So far everything is working to plan. ( I wish I hadn’t said that…..)  The roofing project on Building 8 is nearly complete. The tar work is supposed to be finished this week!!! (I said that last week too, but this time I think its going to happen…)

Power upgrades – The final project in Property Preservation is to change the electrical feed for approximately 2/3 of the campus. This work is scheduled for August 11th and 12th. During this time the campus will be closed. There will be no power in most of the buildings. There will be more communication to follow in the next week in preparation for this.

Window, concrete and brick repair project – also on schedule and proceeding according to plan. We’ll be moving to Building 10 next.

That’s the view from 3000 feet. Lots going on, so let us know if you need more details.


Blaine Grindle
Facilities Engineering