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Biology Professors to Tutor in the Halls!

Biology Professors James Murphy, Suzanne Long and Paul Wakem are making that long trek across Parking Lot E on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 from 7-9 p.m. Not to be outdone by their Building 8 counterparts (see “Math Faculty WOW Students with Tutoring in Pioneer Hall!” Tribune 10/12/2005), the biology professors are determined to focus on tutoring BIO 120 and BIO 133 students for a big upcoming test in those classes.

Pam Donofrio and Sally Dingee from the Advising Center provided focus reports that allowed for direct target advertising to students in all three Residence Halls who are taking these two specific classes. In collaboration with The HALL Connection, Suzanne Long created a ¼-page flyer that will be taped on those students’ doors who are taking BIO 120/133. Liz Pierce will begin pounding on students’ doors with a “gentle” reminder that “The Tutors Are In!”

Stay tuned for more information on the Biology Department’s adventures!

Coming soon… “Math with Munchies” in Pioneer Hall returns and the Library, Writing Center and English/Philosophy Dept. cross The Parking Lot for “Writing Rescue”!

To register a time slot for your department to tutor in the Residence Halls, call Liz Pierce, Chair, The HALL Connection (English/Philosophy) ext. 3303, or e-mail ""

Liz Pierce
Chair, The HALL Connection