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Connecting CATs and CoLTs - Satellite Teleconference

The Curriculum Office and ETS will host a STARLINK Satellite Teleconference entitled "Connecting CATs and CoLTs."  Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) connect teaching to learning. Collaborative Learning Techniques (CoLTs) improve learning by promoting social, experiential and cognitive connections.

The teleconference is scheduled for Thursday, March 25 from 2:15 p.m.-4:00 p.m. in 8-300.

Stuart Blacklaw will start off the program with a review of MCC's efforts in the assessment area. The workshop topics include connecting groupwork and assessment to promote and improve learning, ways in which collaborative learning can help students connect with other students and relate their education to life experiences, and examples of collaborative learning techniques that cross disciplines.

Internationally-recognized educational authorities Dr. Tom Angelo and Dr. K. Patricia Cross will lead this satellite workshop filled with research-based teaching techniques. They will be joined by California Higher Education Professor of the Year Dr. Elizabeth Barkley.

To reserve a seat, please contact David Leppla at x2219.

Stuart Blacklaw and Jeff Bartkovich
Curriculum Office and ETS