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Exciting New Service-Learning Project in the Education Department!

An exciting new service-learning project is off to an amazing start this Fall semester.  Professor Tracy Wyant, of the Education Department, has enlisted the talents of her students to “perform” a great service to the local community.  As a part of the course EDU 150: Performance and Presentation Skills for Educators, Wyant’s service-learners have created original stories with a positive, educational message that they will present to the children of two local child care sites.  The service-learning performers will be bringing their stories to life at the MCC Child Care Center and the Jefferson Avenue Childhood Development Center.

As a part of the course, Wyant’s service-learners had the opportunity to have their stories critiqued by performing in front of a panel of experts in the field of youth entertainment: KIDS!  Wyant brought in her own children, and invited the children of her students and faculty to help the performers get useful feedback from their target audience.  The workshop was a great success!  Below you can see pictures from some of the performances, many of which included brilliant costumes, catchy songs, and great props.  If you want to learn more about this project please check out the Service-Learning Newsletter or visit our website at

Ted Limpert
MCC Service-Learning

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