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Faculty Assessment Leaders Commence Work on 2010-11 Projects

Last Friday, faculty members from six different departments came together to receive training for their respective program evaluation projects, which are now underway for 2010-11.  These Program Evaluation Leaders had the opportunity to learn how their work will promote programmatic and curricular improvements internally, and likewise fulfill MCC’s commitment to meeting SUNY and Middle States’ standards externally.  Participants included:

Christine Forde (OCP – IT program evaluation); Todd Korol (Business Administration and Economics); Joan Mullaney and Paula Fahy (Human Services); Marcia Fugate (Transitional Studies); Michelle Bartell (Hospitality Management); and Ed Grissing (Engineering and Physics).

Other assessment efforts that have also been launched for this academic year include:

-- The assessment of the SUNY General Education disciplines of American History (led by Discipline Assessment Leader Njeru Murage, with Bill Drumright and Susan Belair – all from A/H/P/S) and Basic Communication – Writing (led by Margaret Murphy and Amy Burtner, both from English/Philosophy);

-- The assessment of the SUNY General Education Infused Competencies, Critical Thinking and Information Management, led by a Faculty Senate Committee including Christy Fogal, chair (Mathematics), Kathy Lawton (Biology), Kim Martello (Mathematics) and Doug Rivers (Automotive);

-- The evaluation of the Fire Prevention Program at the PSTF, managed by Marc Connolly, Program Coordinator;

-- The completion of the Distance Learning Assessment Initiative (DLAI), chaired by Renee Rigoni (Business Administration and Economics) and including Janet Zinck (Hospitality Management), Pat Kuby (Mathematics), Peggy Vankirk (ETS – Online Learning), Charlene Blanchard (Dental), Lorraine D’Ortona (OCP), Marcia Bower (Dental) and Donna Cox (English/Philosophy)

This year will be a busy one for assessment activities and projects, and the efforts of the faculty assessment leaders and their colleagues, as well as those of supportive staff members from across the College, are appreciated!

Michael Heel
Academic Assessment