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Excused Leave for Breast Cancer/Prostate Cancer Screening

Full-time employees are entitled to take up to four hours of leave time for breast cancer/prostate cancer screening scheduled during the employee's regular work hours.  The benefit is available for a full calendar year and is not cumulative. 
Breast cancer/prostate cancer screening includes physical exams and mammograms for the detection of breast cancer/prostate cancer.  Breast cancer screening is available to both male and female employees.
Leave must be charged to "Cancer Screening" - leave code #320.  Travel time is included in the four hour leave time cap.  Absence beyond four hours must be charged to another leave category.  Employees who undergo screening outside their normal work schedule or on a holiday do so on their own time and are not granted compensatory time off.
Safisfactory medical documentation must be submitted to the employee's supervisor.

Questions concerning this may be directed to Martha Palermo in Human Resources at ext. 2114.

Martha M. Palermo, Assistant Director
Human Resources