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EReserves Transition to ANGEL Repository

At ETS: Libraries we are embarking on a transition from EReserves to use of a library repository in ANGEL.  For those that have already have an ANGEL course for the Spring 2010 semester, we will move only the copyrighted items to the library Repository and then publish those items to the instructor’s course in ANGEL provided that copyright permissions have been obtained.  For those that are not using ANGEL for the Spring 2010 semester, you are encouraged to take ANGEL training in order to be able to use ANGEL for your course materials including PowerPoints, Lecture Notes in addition to Course Syllabi.  If you have video, you would want to have the video uploaded to the On-line Video Streaming Services web page for Course Related Programming at  Contact either Steve Weider or Jeremy Case of Instructional Technologies. 

We will be phasing out the EReserves function that has been in place and by August 31, 2010 will only be dealing with the following materials:

·         Copyrighted articles
·         Copyrighted chapters from a book
·         Placing durable links to articles from our subscription databases
·         Linking to websites if it is permissible to do so 

Due to recent court decisions regarding copyright, we require a strict process for reassessment of materials that have been placed in EReserves.  If you are interested in requesting that these copyrighted materials be moved to ANGEL, you must provide appropriate documentation which includes the following information:

·         Permission granted letter or form which includes the timeframe for the permission allowed.
·         Citation information of the copyrighted material.

To schedule a training session on how to use ANGEL, please contact Instructional Technologies at <>. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Instructional Technologies at 292-2574.  

Kate Jenkins
ETS: Libraries