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Curriculum Proposal Postings

The following curriculum proposals are being posted for your review for the period November 30 - December 13. You can view them by clicking on
CD5F    BUS 105    E-Commerce and Marketing on the Internet
CD6F    BUS 136    Basic Supervisory Skills
CD7F    BUS 137    Supervisory Skills for Managing Work
CD8F    BUS 138    Supervisory Skills for Employee Development
CD9F    SCI 201     Computer Applications in Natural Sciences
CD10F  BUS 213    Corporate Finance  
CR20F  COM 113    Media Photography II
CR21F  COM 115    Computer Generated Images
CR22F  COM 135    Digital Photography
CR23F  COM 203    Animation and Special Effects
CR24F  COM 213    Color Photography
CR25F  COM 223     Photographic Documentation
NC4F    MUS 133     Lyric Writing
NC11S  BUS 182     Business Research Methods
PR6F    Early Childhood, Certificate
PR7F    Visual Communication - Television/Photography, AAS

Silvana Sifkarovski
Curriculum & Program Development