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LGBTQ Affinity Group Forming

The LGBTQ Affinity Group will soon convene for the first time for faculty and staff at MCC.

“With the support of the business, LGBTQ employee groups — also known as employee affinity groups, resource groups or business networks — provide visibility to the business goal of LGBTQ inclusion. LGBTQ employee groups first emerged in the early 1990s with the former AT&T Corp.'s LEAGUE. Today, the vast majority of employers rated in the Corporate Equality Index have an employee group or diversity council that includes LGBTQ issues. At the most basic level, such groups focus on retention of LGBTQ and allied employees, but they can also support business opportunities with LGBTQ consumers and other initiatives.” – The Human Rights Campaign

The LGBTQ Affinity Group (similarly to other MCC Affinity Groups) seeks to make visible the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer faculty, staff, and administration at MCC. All events will be safe spaces to discuss and support one another as integral parts of the College community.

If you would like to be part of this group, please contact the LGBTQ Affinity Group Chair Jessica Wilkie <>  by March 1, 2017.

Jessica Wilkie
Academic Services