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If I Were President...

Ms. Cathy and Ms. Cara from MCC's Guon Child Care Center asked the 3-year-olds in their class what they would do if they were president…Check out their responses!

-"Everyone would have a doggie! We would play outside all day and all of the grass would be green.  Everyone would be so excited!  There would be lots of flowers and cookies!"

-"There would be tons and tons of animal farms and vegetable farms.  I could build ice cream stands on all the streets.  I would make more rules about scissors because they are dangerous!"

-"Everyone would watch Minions and laugh all day!  Kids can play with lots of toys at their house.  All of the candles would smell good and all my friends would be happy all the time!"

-"Everyone would have a good recipe for spaghetti and sauce.  All kids would have lots and lots of books and every day would have rainbows!"

-"I would make pencil rules, like... be careful and only draw on paper, not hands.  We have to take care of people.  And Doctors get a special prize like a stuffed duck animal for taking care of people."

-"There would be no bad guys in America!  People who work hard get stars, especially police officers and fire fighters.  And we would get to eat mac and cheese everyday!"

-"The world would be happy! There would be a lot of butterflies!"

TIffany VanAuker
Child Care Center